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Announcing the Launch of Skypoint Profile

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Customer experience is the name of the game. But how can you find out what your customers want in order to deliver products and services that meet their expectations?

The answer is in plain sight.

Your customers are telling you what they want with every click, scroll, pageview, social media comment, communication, and transaction. All you need is a way to connect the dots and build 360-degree profiles to give you real-time, actionable insights into each and every one of them.

Today we’re launching Skypoint Profile, a cost-effective and all-encompassing solution that automates data discovery across silos to create holistic 360-degree customer profiles that support personalized and trusted interactions.

Successful customer-centric organizations leverage 360-degree customer views to deliver an outstanding experience that increases sales and improves loyalty. Skypoint Profile makes the same capabilities available to companies of any size without the need for extensive coding and development work.

What is Skypoint Profile?

Skypoint Profile is a customer 360 solution that allows companies to create 360-degree customer views using information from multiple sources (i.e. CRM, e-commerce, web form, social.) Profile helps you break down data silos, analyze the customer journey, and leverage third-party enrichment data to build holistic customer profiles to inform meaningful interactions.

Real-time customer views provide comprehensive insights to support sales, marketing, and customer service activities. You’re able to drill down to a market of one and access high-quality customer data.

Skypoint Profile can help you:

  • Unify customer data via integration with Skypoint Resolve, which uses machine learning and data mapping to identify personal data across systems and resolve discrepancies to create a single source of truth.
  • Enhance customer activation and create actionable profiles with longitudinal records, communication preferences, behavioral and transactional patterns, and more based on customers’ interactions with your brand.
  • Deliver highly personalized customer experience based on real-time data. You can create memorable experiences and enhance customer service with relevant content and communications—like Sauvie Island Coffee did.
  • Ensure compliance with increasingly stringent regulations and respect customer data with 360-degree profiles that allow your team to see customers’ consent and privacy preferences at a glance.

How Does Skypoint Profile Work?

Chances are you have multiple customer touch points, each collecting a discrete set of customer data. Some may include privacy settings, and others may give you information on product preferences or transaction details.

By putting these puzzle pieces together, you create a 360-degree customer profile that helps you deliver personalized experiences and inform meaningful interactions.

But how?

You need a centralized repository of 360-degree customer profiles that are updated in real-time using all the available data sources to provide a single source of truth.

With Skypoint Profile, you don’t have to do the technical heavy lifting. Thanks to 200+ robust API integrations, you easily connect our platform with applications you’re already using to leverage existing data securely and create holistic customer profiles. You can also incorporate customized data points and attributes from specific data sources into the customer profiles.

Skypoint Profile integrates with our suite of data and consent management applications to ensure that you stay compliant with various data privacy regulations (i.e. GDPR, CCPA) while leveraging customer information to deliver the best user experience.

Who is Skypoint Profile for?

Skypoint Profile helps you personalize customer communication, product recommendations, service delivery, and more. Using detailed customer profiles, service-oriented teams interact intelligently with customers on an individual basis.

For example, a customer service rep answering an inquiry might immediately pull up a customer’s purchase history to see which model they own to resolve issues or make product recommendations.

A healthcare organization might use a 360-degree patient profile to coordinate various specialists in a care management program.

Personalization is also an indispensable marketing strategy. Skypoint Profile helps marketers execute granular segmentation tactics to deliver targeted content and promotions that drive conversions and nurture customer relationships.

In short, Skypoint Profile allows you to get down to an “N of one” to treat each customer as an individual. You leverage high-quality data to deliver highly-personalized one-on-one interactions and activation.

Why Skypoint Profile Matters for Your Organization

Any organization that wants to increase customer acquisition and retention must deliver highly relevant communications, products, and services.

89% of digital businesses—including big names like Coca-Cola, Fabletics, Netflix, and Sephora—invest in personalization. Why? Because 77% of shoppers would pay more for products from a brand that delivers personalized services or experiences.

Targeted content facilitates repeated purchases in 44% of consumers. And, compared to generic CTAs, personalized calls to action increase conversion rates by 202%.

But there’s a caveat. Today’s consumers are also savvy about their privacy. They expect brands to respect and protect their data across all touchpoints. If you use customer data without proper consent management, you could lose trust and tarnish your reputation.

Here at Skypoint, we believe data privacy is a human right.

That’s why Profile not only helps you process and store customer data securely but also allows your team to easily reference each customer’s privacy preferences to inform their interactions. You can integrate Profile with Empower, our consent management platform, to give customers more control over their data.

Simply put, consumers expect brands to deliver products and services tailored to their needs while respecting their data privacy. Skypoint Profile gives your team the accessible and actionable insights they need while providing the privacy and security your customers expect.

Want to see how Skypoint Profile helps your organization connect data and create 360-degree profiles to engage customers without compromising compliance? Our team is ready to give you a walkthrough… just schedule a demo.

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