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Sauvie Island Coffee Finds New Ways to Reach Their True Customers

Sauvie Island Coffee used a CDP to identify and understand their true customer base and personalize marketing outreach to local and out-of-state customers.


Customer 360

Identity Resolution

Data Sharing

Privacy Compliance


Unified customer data and privacy compliance

Longitudinal customer records

Hyper-targeted segmentation and audience building

Improved personalization during outreach





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Make Every Interaction Count In-Store and Online

Getting online sales up and running was a future milestone for Brenda Enyart, the owner and founder of Sauvie Island Coffee. In 2007 she started off in wholesale, roasting coffee out of her garage. Success with the wholesale business helped Brenda expand her business further in 2016 when she opened her first retail location in Beaverton, Oregon.

Surrounded by powerhouses like Nike, Intel, and Tektronix, Sauvie Island Coffee quickly became a buzzworthy spot frequented by corporate regulars. Then, the pandemic hit, and everything ground to a halt. Brenda had to temporarily close the doors to her cafe and rethink her entire business model.

Those future plans to build an ecommerce side of the business became an urgent need that Brenda had to figure out. She adapted to the turbulent times of 2020 and made it through, without losing her business like so many others with brick-and-mortar locations.

But as the cafe doors slowly and cautiously reopened, it was clear to Brenda that things would not be “business as usual” for Sauvie Island Coffee.

Brenda found the support she needed in technology she didn’t know existed. A customer data platform (CDP) was there all along, ready to help Brenda gain a true understanding of her customers so she could step confidently into the future of personalized brand experiences.

“When the pandemic hit, we had to temporarily close our cafe so business was tough. At the time, we weren’t up to speed as an online retailer. We are now. We made it through—and we have a much better understanding of how to reach our customers.”

Adapting to Turbulent Times with a Customer Data Platform

Prior to the pandemic, the majority of Sauvie Island Coffee’s business came from nearby corporations. With offices remaining closed, local regulars were working from home for the unforeseeable future. Brenda didn’t know what to expect when she reopened her Beaverton cafe.

Thankfully, customers walked through the doors…but things looked very different. Customers were coming in from further away, many from out-of-state. Skypoint Cloud’s CEO, Tisson Mathew, was one of the local regulars who remained loyal to Sauvie Island Coffee before and after the pandemic business closures.

Seeing that Brenda’s business needed support, Tisson explained how Skypoint Cloud’s customer data platform would help her adapt to the times and achieve business growth goals.

Drive More Online Sales

Increasing wholesale coffee sales via Shopify and Klaviyo was Brenda’s #1 goal. To achieve this goal, Brenda needed to figure out how to better leverage her website and marketing. Using a CDP was the first step in this process as the robust technology would empower her small business to get more value from customer data while operating more efficiently.

Unify and Understand Customer Data

Since Brenda had physical stores and an ecommerce business, customer data was scattered across systems. Skypoint Cloud has identity resolution and customer 360 capabilities that stitch disparate data together, make data clean and accurate, then provide longitudinal customer records with at-a-glance insights (i.e. demographics, transactions).

Increase Personalized Outreach

With all customer data unified and accessible, Brenda would be ready to put personalization into action during marketing outreach using Klaviyo. Instead of blasting emails to a large audience, she would use hyper-targeted segmentation to differentiate messaging and offers between regular and out-of-state customers.

91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations.

“Marketing specifically to different groups was something I didn't know we could do. Realizing that I could use Skypoint Cloud to break down demographics and details for each customer was fascinating and super valuable.”

A Clear Customer Data Vision and Greater Marketing Confidence

A major aha moment occurred after Skypoint Resolve decluttered Sauvie Island Coffee’s customer database. Brenda assumed she had a certain number of customers, but in reality, Sauvie Island Coffee had much fewer true customers.

Skypoint Cloud provides a golden record that shows how many customers a brand actually has. In Brenda’s case, this realization helped clarify the actual size of her target audience, which is important for setting achievable KPIs and improving email marketing success.

With expectations realigned, Brenda began to retool her marketing outreach strategy based on the audience details she was now able to easily visualize in customer profiles. Brenda’s favorite Skypoint Cloud feature is real-time data mapping, which groups customers by location and shows her exactly where they are when it’s time for her to market to them.

In the past, Brenda relied on printed flyers or email blasts to only market to one type of customer. Today she segments her unique audiences. Local regulars who visit the cafe every week receive a different email offer compared to out-of-state customers who visit once but are more likely to buy Sauvie Island Coffee online.

There is always an offer in rotation to draw attention to wholesale products on the website. And it’s never been easier for Brenda to identify and market to out-of-state customers.

After a slow reopening post-pandemic, in-store sales are steadier in the cafe. But now, Sauvie Island Coffee has an added layer of protection that didn’t exist before. Brenda understands how to effectively engage out-of-state customers—and local customers who are cautious about visiting regularly due to the pandemic—to make additional online revenue through her ecommerce retail store.

Skypoint Cloud has helped Brenda know who her customers really are and how best to reach them. As a result, Brenda is more calculated and feels more confident as she continues strengthening and expanding her business.

“Marketing to our customers is a lot easier to navigate and I feel more confident that we're heading in the right direction. I trust that Skypoint Cloud is always there to help me be successful. All of that is a big win for a small business owner.”

It’s time for your retail brand to understand your true customers and make every interaction count.​