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No-Code Cascading Dropdowns in SharePoint List Forms with Power Apps

Are you one of the bazillion SharePoint users that have long been confused by the fact that Microsoft hasn’t offered a no-code way to do filtered and cascading dropdowns in list forms? Sure, we had InfoPath for a while, but InfoPath is now on life support. At long last there is an answer; using Power Apps, we can customize Modern UI list forms to implement filtered and cascading drop downs. And we don’t even have to write any code. In this session Derek Nishino will walk you through implementing filtered and cascading dropdowns, including the formulas and other Power Apps elements needed to make them work.

Derek Nishino is a SharePoint Solutions Architect that for the past 18 (sometimes tedious) years has lived and breathed SharePoint-centric solutions; first with Microsoft, then with a local consulting company, and now on his own as an independent consultant. With Microsoft’s expansion of M365, he has integrated tools such as Power Apps and Power Automate into his toolset for building enterprise-grade solutions. Prior to entering the world of SharePoint and enterprise collaboration, Derek was a deeply technical network infrastructure, security, and Linux geek.

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