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Power Apps AI Builder: The No-Code Way to Drive Productivity

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The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly growing in today’s tech-driven world. The technology that was once science fiction is a reality.

Most of us don’t realize it, but AI is already a part of our everyday experience. Movie recommendations in online streaming platforms, our social media feeds, driving directions, and face-detection features on our smartphones are just a few examples.

AI is playing a role in delivering intelligent assistance during every interaction with technology. While it is evident that AI enables better customer experiences, this advanced technology brings significant benefits to our business environment too.

Custom app development has never looked more different and also never been more attainable. Microsoft Power Apps AI Builder is changing everything, introducing a no-code way to drive productivity.

AI is the Business Advantage of the Future

There is a common notion that AI is all about replacing people. However, this revolutionary technology will empower your team to make better decisions and improve efficiency so everyone can focus on doing what they do best.

That’s precisely why 72% of business executives believe that AI will be the business advantage of the future. Still, many business owners believe that implementing AI is a daunting task, and the technology better suits large enterprises and companies that can afford a team of core developers.

Implementing AI-powered solutions across departments helps you and your team achieve more with greater efficiency. It doesn’t matter what size your organization is. AI technology is attainable with solutions like Microsoft’s Power Apps AI Builder.

Transform and Automate with Power Apps AI Builder

Microsoft is making it easy for everyday users to access AI technology through the inclusion of the AI Builder for Power Apps.

This low-code development platform is already enabling citizen developers and non-coders to quickly build and deploy business applications through pre-built templates, drag-and-drop simplicity, and access to Common Data Service (CDS).

This visual approach to application development is allowing businesses to transform and automate their manual processes. Many organizations are reducing the custom app development cost by up to 70%.

But what happens when you inject AI to these business applications? You immediately gain capabilities to build robust AI models that perform rich data analysis and predictions specific to your business processes, even if you have no coding or data science skills.

That’s what the Power Apps AI Builder is capable of. The low-code tool enables Power platform users to implement artificial intelligence in applications built inside Power Apps and Power Automate.

Leverage the Robust Features of Power Apps AI Builder

If you aren’t familiar with Power Apps AI Builder features, the platform currently comes with five distinct capabilities: Binary Classification, Text Classification, Object Detection, Business Card Reader, and Form Processing.

Let’s find out how you can leverage these capabilities to enhance productivity and foster innovation through intelligent and automated workflows.

Binary Classification

Binary Classification is an AI model that makes yes/no predictions by learning from historical data patterns and historical outcomes. There are numerous ways to use this model to build powerful business applications.

For example, you can identify customers’ purchase intent based on a set of online activities and predict if a specific customer will generate revenue. Or, you can use historical data patterns of a banking customer to predict if he/she is eligible to get a loan.

Text Classification

Text Classification model identifies key information within the given text. One of the useful applications of this AI model is customer support. Build an app to filter and scan email texts with specific keywords to interpret customer’s intent and route emails to appropriate departments.
You can also automate logging information into your support desk and sending acknowledgment emails to customers with their case IDs. Text Classification is useful in sentiment analysis from social media, or to detect spam in emails and reviews.

Object Detection

The Object Detection feature lets you count, locate, and identify objects within images. There are plenty of use cases with this functionality. Use Object Detection to detect products within images and link those images to the actual product available in your data source. This feature is extremely useful in inventory management to track and update products in the database.
For example, an onsite repair technician quickly takes pictures of the part-in-question and accesses repair manuals from the database, without needing to enter the part number manually.

Business Card Reader

With Business Card Reader, create your own application to collect vital information from business card images and record data to your CRM, Sharepoint Library, or Outlook Contacts. Extend the capability of your app by automating invitation email to your prospects.

Form Processing

The Form Processing AI model extracts information from structured documents based on the matching examples you provide and stores the data within CDS. All you need to do is train the model to identify key-value pairs and table data from the documents. Form Processing is extremely helpful in automating invoices or tax forms.

Microsoft Power Apps AI Builder gives the power of artificial intelligence to businesses of all sizes. The revolutionary tool allows your non-programmers to build intelligent applications to automate business tasks and workflows with low or no code. And your business analysts and frontline workers can participate in building smart processes that drive better business outcomes.

Still hesitant to implement AI for your business processes? The Skypoint CSG team is happy to show you how Power Apps AI Builder transforms your organization.

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