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Prevent Provider Burnout by Improving Data Sharing in Healthcare

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Data sharing challenges in healthcare are causing providers to get burned out. Every day providers are dealing with massive amounts of disorganized and inconsistent data that needs to align with data privacy requirements.

Provider burnout was rated by healthcare executives as potentially the most disruptive force hospitals and health systems face in the next three years. Burnout leads to legitimate concerns about the impact on patient care.

If you’re a Medicare provider caring for seniors, this problem is further compounded by complex patient interactions, as well as meeting quality and compliance requirements set by CMS. That means you’re undoubtedly looking for ways to solve your data sharing challenges when delivering patient care.

A healthcare data platform makes life easier for providers by offering an effective and secure way to manage and share healthcare data.

Overcoming Barriers to Sharing Healthcare Data

Provider burnout was happening long before COVID-19, but the pandemic has amplified these issues. The highest rates of burnout have been in frontline healthcare providers, such as critical care, primary care, and emergency medicine, where more than 40% are experiencing burnout. But, these feelings of burnout are prevalent throughout the healthcare industry.

While there are many causes of provider burnout, data is a big one in today’s digital healthcare environment. A healthcare data platform helps you overcome common barriers by making patient-related data usable, accessible, and actionable.

Make Data Easily and Securely Shareable

Making data easily and securely shareable across healthcare systems is a critical piece in avoiding provider burnout. A healthcare data platform is one way to make your data easily shareable while still maintaining compliance.

A healthcare data platform ingests, connects, and normalizes data from all source systems. It standardizes this data against commonly adopted data standards in healthcare, such as FHIR HL-7, then securely makes this data available for analytics, reporting, and clinical intervention.

Skypoint Cloud is a privacy-first data platform, allowing providers and staff members the ability to share information seamlessly and securely. We allow for security and access control for sensitive data down to the attribute level. Only the team members who need direct access to sensitive data will have it, while others are still able to complete their work without concerns of exposing personal patient information.

Focus on Enhancing the Patient Experience

When data is collected, stored, and organized in a healthcare data platform, patients have a better experience because providers aren’t overwhelmed by paperwork or ineffective systems that weren’t meant to manage modern big data requirements.

Rather than dealing with inaccurate and inconsistent data, instead, you’re able to embed clinical and social engagement insights into your provider workflows to focus on patient experience and care delivery. Using technology specifically made to enhance data collection, management, and analysis means you can approach patient care proactively instead of reactively.

Meet Interoperability Requirements

Meeting CMS interoperability requirements for data access and sharing is simplified because the healthcare data platform takes care of all of the heavy lifting of data management and sharing across systems. Once data is ingested into the platform, healthcare providers have access to an array of unified data centered around the patient.

With a healthcare data platform, data-driven care coordination becomes highly scalable for your organization. You see better results with patient engagement, provider satisfaction, and clinical outcomes. It’s truly a game-changer for patient-provider interactions.

Use a Healthcare Data Platform to Prevent Burnout

58% of physicians often have feelings of burnout now, compared to 40% in 2018.” As the healthcare industry has experienced rapid digital transformation, burnout has accelerated as well. Having a scalable healthcare analytics solution is essential for providers and the patients they serve.

You need a healthcare data platform that delivers coordinated care, improved patient engagement, CMS compliance, and in-depth patient insights. The goal is to leverage this technology to support your patient engagement initiatives and multi-touchpoint experiences—and equally important—support your providers and prevent provider burnout.

Skypoint Cloud’s healthcare data platform is a secure solution that provides a common patient 360 view, a complete care delivery picture, and chronological care delivery timelines. All of your patient data is accessible and sharable from a secure location, so you have a cohesive patient story that fully aligns with an optimized healthcare journey.

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