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CSG Pro and Skypoint Cloud Advance Data Privacy Compliance

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Recently Skypoint Cloud announced its partnership with CSG Pro, a leading software development and data analytics consultancy. Both companies focus on the power of consumer data and share expertise in Microsoft’s Power Platform.

Skypoint Cloud is the only customer data platform and privacy compliance software built on Microsoft Azure. CSG Pro is a double Gold Certified Microsoft Partner in Data Analytics and Data Platform and a triple Silver Certified Microsoft Partner in Application Development, Cloud Platform, and DevOps.

Shared customers can benefit from the extensibility of Microsoft’s Power Platform to expand app capabilities with Azure Functions and custom connections to an ecosystem of over 325 native connectors.

“Consumer data is clearly transforming business, but many companies lack a platform that supports identity resolution, a unified view of consumer data and the means to comply with compliance regulation, including ‘do not sell my information’ and data subject requests,” says Tisson Mathew, Founder and CEO of Skypoint Cloud.

“By partnering with CSG Pro, we are helping brands turn data protection and privacy into a business advantage.”

“As data experts at CSG Pro, we help our customers build solutions to capture and understand their data. Skypoint Cloud brings the privacy and compliance solutions our customers need while also providing the extensibility to meet future aspirations,” said Ron Ellis Gaut, President of CSG Pro.

“CSGPro and Skypoint will empower our joint customers to better manage and understand their data while acting as strong data and custom application stewards for their customers and partners.”


About Skypoint Cloud

Skypoint Cloud’s customer data management platform automates compliance with hundreds of global privacy laws at scale and gives consumers control over their personal data. Founded in 2019, Skypoint is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.

About Skypoint CSG

Since 1993, Skypoint CSG has built modern, scalable software and data solutions. Our data analytics consultants solve problems and ignite victories. We help you understand your data so you can make smarter business decisions. We build custom software applications that strengthen your process and your team.

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