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Why a Strong Data Culture is the Future of Senior Living

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One of the biggest challenges for providers across the healthcare industry is transitioning to a more tech-driven workplace.

The COVID-19 pandemic sped up this process, forcing healthcare providers to switch from in-person to online communication while remaining compliant with industry standards. This is a particularly big adjustment for senior care centers, which are often underfunded when it comes to healthcare technology.

This is where Modern Data Stack Platforms (MDSPs) come into play. Skypoint Cloud is a comprehensive AI-driven Modern Data Stack Platform that allows you to manage a huge range of sensitive healthcare data in one place.

Senior living operators and other healthcare providers can then leverage this data to provide better patient experiences. Healthcare providers already generate a huge amount of data, so integrating this data can improve outcomes for patients, healthcare employees, and senior communities as a whole.

The healthcare industry is only becoming more data-driven as time goes on. As we adjust to a post-COVID world, people are going to continue to want access to digital communication and resources for convenience.

Switching to a Modern Data Stack Platform now will set your team up for success in the future as the healthcare industry (and the world) evolves.

How to Manage a Wide Range of Healthcare Data

Skypoint Cloud Modern Data Stack Platform collects data from virtually any source using over 200 integrations. This means you can pull together information about past appointments and treatment plans as well as digital imagery, payment history, and more.

With this information, Skypoint Cloud generates both healthcare profiles and consumer profiles for senior living residents. Your team can then use these profiles to provide more effective and efficient care for your team.

Skypoint Cloud’s adaptable features are designed to scale as your facility grows and evolves. We live in a highly data-driven world, and we’re only going to collect more data in the future as technology develops. AI features provide helpful insights and automated features that make it easier for your team to provide personalized care and support.

Compliance is key for any senior living facility. However, maintaining compliance can be tricky when you’re switching from a manual system to digital data storage.

Skypoint Cloud has automated compliance features built-in, including consent management and privacy tools. All data is encrypted and stored using a zero-trust system, which keeps data secure while simplifying access for those who need it.

Benefits of Using A Modern Data Stack Platform

A Modern Data Stack Platform like Skypoint Cloud offers a wide range of benefits for senior living centers. Using an all-in-one data platform benefits everyone—residents, their families, team members, and management.

Increased Productivity

Many senior living facilities are currently understaffed, which creates a very stressful environment for employees. On top of that, demand for senior living services is higher than ever and is only likely to continue increasing.

The massive Baby Boomer generation is aging, and statistically, people are living longer than ever. As a result, productivity is more important than ever for success as a senior living facility.

Data management can help with this. With a singular comprehensive platform, nurses and other employees don’t have to dig to find the data they need. Instead of calling around to find key information about a patient’s prescriptions or past appointments, they will be able to look them up directly using this platform.

This saves time and stress, helping your team to provide care for more residents in a shorter amount of time.

Better Compliance

Modern Data Stack Platforms automate many important compliance tasks for you. This means that your team will spend less time worrying about compliance and more time providing quality care to your residents. Compliance is extremely important, but it also shouldn’t interfere with your ability to provide the best possible care to your patients.

Increased Occupancy Rates

Senior living facilities need to meet certain occupancy rates in order for their business model to work. However, inefficient healthcare and poor communication can cause your occupancy rates to drop.

Access to data makes it easier for your team to address problems faster and prevent residents from leaving. Higher occupancy rates generate more revenue, and they’ll also help you maintain a good reputation and draw in more patients in the future.

More Accurate Billing

Billing errors are a major challenge for many senior living facilities. Data platforms like Skypoint Cloud collect such a wide range of information, and you can use this information to ensure that billing is conducted correctly and reimbursement opportunities aren’t overlooked.

Even small billing errors have a negative effect on your overall revenue, which is why accurate billing is so important.


As technology evolves, senior living facilities need to evolve to keep up with it. A Modern Data Stack Platform gives healthcare providers the tools they need to streamline operations and provide better care for patients.

We’d love to show you the many ways Skypoint Cloud supports you and your team. Request a demo to get started.

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