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Centered Care Optimizes Senior Living Experiences with MDM

Centered Care used a Modern Data Stack Platform to support master data management (MDM) and hone its focus on delivering high-quality care for seniors.






Shortened development cycle by 25%

Implemented master data management goals

Created centralized and accessible EHRs

Delivered patient-centric care to improve outcomes

Focused on features that support unique value propositions

Improved business intelligence and privacy compliance


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Clinical EMR

Rapid Digital Transformation Spawns Data Challenges

The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation, and operators of senior living communities are facing unique and unforeseen data challenges. Clinical care aside, they need to deliver a holistic living experience and social engagement, which requires staff members to have a 360-degree view of each resident. As exciting as digital transformation is for the senior living industry, connecting the dots is far from easy.

Data is Everywhere

Facilities use different tools and solutions to support the various areas of senior living operations and clinical care. Because data is all over the place, there’s no centralized place where caregivers can quickly look up Martha and know right away that she has arthritis and loves knitting.

Data is Labor-Intensive

Connecting data used by clinical and care delivery teams is tedious, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. And, their manual processes can no longer handle the explosion of data generated through disparate platforms.

Data is Isolated

Information about residents’ activities is often recorded on paper forms that aren’t accessible to the rest of the clinical and care delivery teams. Even if staff members spend hours on data entry, a lot of the information is still locked in isolated systems and unavailable to other personnel to make timely decisions. Joelle Poe, the COO and President of Centered Care, set out to address these widespread data challenges with a tech-enabled clinical and social engagement solution that would support care delivery in senior living communities. Before using Skypoint Cloud, Joelle’s team spent an enormous amount of time establishing data governance practices and resolving various data quality issues. They also struggled to synthesize all the information into actionable insights. Connecting multiple electronic health records (EHRs) and tapping into data insights would drastically help facilities create better outcomes. The challenges around master data management (MDM) have always been a roadblock to delivering holistic care—and Centered Care needed to quickly master it.

The Golden Road to Master Data Management

The highest priority for Joelle and her team was to build capabilities that would create a singular profile for each individual—a foundation for delivering a patient-centric experience that puts the residents’ care needs front and center. To achieve the highly coveted “golden record” of master data management, Centered Care needed to connect different data sources to create a complete and comprehensive picture of each person (i.e. preferences, interests, family members, extended care providers, health conditions) that could then be accessed by the entire care team. Joelle implemented Skypoint Cloud’s Modern Data Stack Platform (MDSP) to solve these glaring data management challenges. First, they used Skypoint Cloud’s built-in ELT, called Dataflow, to collect and ingest data from all the various clinical systems and store it in a single location. Then, they used features like Resolve and Profile to stitch and map the data to create unified 360-degree resident profiles. Clinical teams can see EHRs with all the diagnostic codes and treatment history alongside the residents’ interests and activities to fully understand an individual. Different personnel can get the right insights based on a single source of truth to make real-time decisions. For example, a nurse practitioner can view a resident’s interests to build trust and rapport. An aide can see changes in a patient’s medication in real-time to avoid errors in care administration. The clinical team may catch behavioral changes indicating a new health condition that requires attention. Since HIPAA compliance is already built into Skypoint Cloud’s MDSP, Joelle’s team doesn’t have to spend time and resources on ensuring data security and privacy protection. This capability is especially critical when building a healthcare platform that handles a lot of sensitive medical and personal data of a vulnerable population. Since Skypoint Cloud doesn’t use proprietary data ingestion (ELT/ETL) or mapping processes, Joelle and her team can collect data using a variety of methods, such as connecting directly to a SQL server or using Skypoint Cloud’s pre-built connectors, without worrying about being locked into a particular vendor or a set of vendors. Additionally, Skypoint Cloud’s robust integrations allow Centered Care the flexibility to keep using its third-party partners for data ingestion and information sharing with the ability to add more capabilities when needed.

“Skypoint Cloud enables data interoperability and lowers the barrier among different solutions. It helps us bring data together and share insights with stakeholders to deliver a personalized care experience across the care continuum.”

Empowering Teams to Move Faster and Achieve Better Outcomes

With Skypoint Cloud’s MDSP connecting and automating data, Centered Care was able to reduce its engineering cycle time by 25%. This improved master data management is helping Joelle and her team focus on solving business problems and improving outcomes for seniors, rather than dealing with tedious data operations and data engineering work.

The improved data quality and visibility also allowed Joelle’s team to facilitate troubleshooting. For instance, they could quickly identify data quality and governance issues for a customer and offer training to resolve the problem.

Meanwhile, the as-a-service model includes ongoing support. Skypoint Cloud’s team conducts monthly health checks to ensure that Centered Care is getting the most out of the platform to accelerate its product development cycles.

Centered Care will continue to leverage Skypoint Cloud’s MDSP to help senior living communities deliver holistic care based on a 360-degree view of each resident—not just clinical data. Joelle aims to create products to support senior care that incorporates each individual’s activity and engagement data to deliver truly personalized care.

With a solid data platform that addresses core data operation components such as ingestion and normalization, Joelle can focus on partnering with her customers to solve their pain points through faster product development and robust advanced analytics to achieve better care outcomes.

“Skypoint Cloud is empowering our team to move faster. It allows us to quickly integrate different data sources and build prototypes by taking the load off data ingestion and data governance. We can quickly identify the best data sources to build accurate and meaningful 360-degree profiles.”

It’s time to leverage master data management to positively impact the senior living experience.

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