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Recording from the Portland Fabric User Group on February 28th, 2024

Direct Query has been the choice for situations when businesses wanted large data models and where data entered in a database was immediately available. Direct Lake provides a new method for achieving the goals previously only available in Direct Query.

Introduced to Power BI this year, Direct Lake can also be used to analyze large data volumes without needing to import the data, while providing good performance to users at scale who want to access the data.

In this session we will see how you can use large data volumes in Power BI and take a look at how well it performs and scales using Direct Lake. We will examine how One Lake, lakehouses, and SQL Endpoints can be used together to provide optimal performance with Direct Lake. To see if this solution will work in your data environment, you will receive an understanding of the licensing required to implement this solution so that you can ensure that you have the knowledge you need.


Ginger Grant is a Data Platform MVP who provides consulting services in advanced analytic solutions, including machine learning, data warehousing, and Power BI. She is an author of articles, books, and at and uses her MCT to provide data platform training in topics such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Python and Azure Machine Learning.