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Unlocking the Power of Data Science with Microsoft Fabric

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Many organizations aspire to harness the power of data science to drive effective decision-making but often face challenges due to the lack of suitable tools, platforms, or disjointed data teams. Microsoft Fabric, a SaaS platform, aims to bridge this gap by bringing data science, data engineering, and data analysis together.

This integrated approach empowers teams to focus on developing comprehensive analytics solutions augmented with data science.

In this session, Sandeep Pawar (Sr Power BI Architect, Hitachi Solutions) will guide you through the Fabric Data Science experience, ensuring that you’re set up and ready to make the most of it. This session doesn’t require any prior data science knowledge.

By the end of the session, you’ll have a sound understanding of the user interface, options, and tools available in Fabric to create Machine Learning and data science solutions.

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