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Skypoint Vault

Skypoint’s data privacy vault isolates and stores sensitive data, enabling faster application builds and cost-effective privacy compliance.

Isolate, Govern, and Leverage Customer Data

Most organizations are mixing data together in the same transactional data store. But sensitive data should be treated with a much higher level of care.

Skypoint Vault separates and secures data in a zero-trust vault that integrates with applications through a simple API or SQL. Connected to the Microsoft Power Platform, anyone (not just developers) can create and run applications and workflows to safely accelerate the business.

A Data Vault That Secures and Simplifies

Easy and efficient data protection for pro and citizen developers.

Prevent Breaches

Prevent data breaches by eliminating the concept of implicit trust through role-based access control and data authentication.

Reduce Risk

Eliminate unnecessary data risks using leading-edge data security solutions, like complex data types and homomorphic encryption.

Share Securely

Share data securely with systems and 3rd parties, using encryption, data masking, and differential redaction.

Easy to Use

Loved by developers and approved by security teams, API and SQL interfaces make sensitive data easy to use companywide.

Schedule Your Walkthrough of Skypoint Vault

It’s time to deliver the privacy and security your customers need, with more speed and less effort.

We’re ready to give you a complete walkthrough of our Modern Data Stack Platform, so you see how Skypoint Vault gives your development team peace of mind for storing sensitive data, fulfilling compliance needs, and achieving actionable insights.

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