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How to Make Power Automate Flows Run Lightning Fast

This Power Platform use group session will showcase simple to advanced strategies to make your Power Automate flows run lightning fast. If you’re not careful, Power Automate can run sloooow leading to time-outs and impatient users. We’ll go over proven and saleable techniques that will 10x the speed of your flows. Bonus! They’ll use much LESS code to accomplish the same thing. Speed and Tidiness together: Win-win.

We’ll use Dataverse, SharePoint and Excel in the demos to make sure it’s applicable to everyone’s work environment. We’ll also explore common pitfalls in Power Automate that lead to unexpected performance hiccups.

Sean Astrakhan contracts for Microsoft as a Solutions Architect where he leads a team of developers in the Power Platform. His true passion is in upskilling other developers to achieve their career and salary goals. He has a YouTube channel (Untethered 365) that provides best practices on building enterprise Low Code solutions with the least amount of effort. He also hosts free live events where he discusses anything from architecting solutions to resume writing.

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