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Power BI Embedded

Embed interactive, customizable, and responsive Power BI visuals and reports into your applications without a Power BI account or licenses.

Power BI Embedded Template

$ 35,000 one-time fee (hosting not included)
  • Includes installation, setup & a perpetual license

Skypoint's Power BI Embedded App Template

Our Power BI Embedded App Template (EAT) is a ready-to-install Azure Web application (developed with .NET Core) that enables you to share Power BI reports and dashboards directly into applications while paying as you go from a capacity model rather than a named user license.

EAT features the Power BI API that simplifies the process of embedding robust reporting capabilities of Power BI into applications of your choosing. With embedded content, you can use the same publishing workflow that you are used to, which is dynamically picked up by the Embedded App.

Additionally, Power BI Embedded offers a range of features and capabilities that make it easy for developers to integrate, customize, and manage the Power BI visuals and reports in their applications.

Example Screenshots:

Power BI Embedded Benefits:

Enhance decision-making

Empower business users across your organization with real-time, data-driven insights and analytics.

Reduce license costs

Provide business users access to powerful analytics visuals and reports without requiring them to have a Power BI account or license for each user who needs access to the analytics tools.

Streamline data access

Embed analytics directly into applications, webpages or portals.

Increase user adoption

By embedding analytics directly into your applications, organizations can increase user adoption of their analytics tools and increase the value of your applications.

Our Power BI Embedded Expertise:

Featured Case Study

Learn how Keen used Skypoint’s Power BI Embedded App Template to simplify and streamline complex Power BI reports while saving Power BI licensing costs.

"Everybody wants one source of truth, but we were coming from a reporting environment where we literally had thousands of reports. Skypoint’s Power BI Embedded App Template streamlined reporting and made workflows easier for our retailers and sales reps."

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As a Microsoft Gold Partner for 30+ years, and active Solutions Partner, we specialize in data warehousing, modeling, and visualization. We integrate data sources of all kinds—in the cloud or on-premise—and model the data for seamless reporting.

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